A Guide for Businesses to get started on Instagram


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Instagram since its launch in the year 2010 has taken the world by storm. More than one billion people use Instagram every month including the professionals and hobbyists, and it seems like everyone with his dog is on the platform. It has become a terrific channel for the brands to increase awareness, connect with the customers and improve their marketing strategy.

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Instagram enables brands to promote their products without hard selling to customers. Instagram can be a little intimidating for the new businesses at first. Once you get started, it helps you grow brand awareness.

Create an Instagram Business account:

Instagram at its core is a social media site that champions sharing images. Instagram Followers come to your profile, again and again, to see some exciting content so, add geotags to your photos or add a hashtag. During the early days, Instagram was the platform used just to share pictures and videos with captions.

But over time they have added new features such as the Instagram story option. It is necessary to know that the brands should keep their profile updated and followers engaged on Instagram,

For the beginners here is a guide that will help them get started on Instagram:

  • Set up your Instagram account:

Instagram is a mobile app, but the best thing is that you can use it on the desktop as well. When you open the app, you have two choices for creating an Instagram account.

  • Signup with email or phone
  • Login with Facebook

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If you sign up with your business email, then your Instagram account will not be linked to your personal Facebook account. Write all the necessary details to create your account and make sure that you have written your actual business name so that your profile could be recognized. Your business name will be displayed on the profile. If your business name is already taken, you should try to keep your business name in the first part in the username.

  • Optimize your account:

Next, you have to optimize your Instagram account. Your Instagram profile is your first introduction with the potential followers, and if you have an optimized profile, then you will get or even buy real Instagram followers in no time. Profile pic is a big part of your account so; upload your brand/company logo or another familiar image. It will make it a bit easy for the visitors to recognize your account.

  • Complete your bio:

Sometimes people ignore the importance of completing bio of their Instagram account. But the businesses must not make the mistake of leaving their bio incomplete. Your bio should not too long as the visitors find long content boring on Instagram. Write a piece of precise information about who you are and what your business is. You can encourage users in your bio to take some specific action such as visiting your website or using a particular hashtag.

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  • Find people to follow:

You have a business account on Instagram does not mean you should not follow other people on Instagram. If you are following anyone Instagram prompts you saying “Find people to follow you.” It provides you with three ways to discover people to follow.  When you follow some people, they follow you back. It increases the number of Followers you have. Also, you can see what people are posting and what content is getting liked by the visitors on their account.

  • Start uploading content:

Once you have created an Instagram account and completed the bio, you should start posting images and videos with intriguing captions. Your content should be relevant to your brand, and it should be of high quality.

Instagram is a terrific platform as long as the brands and businesses are utilizing it correctly.

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  1. Instagram is one of the best and most popular social media where people get to know each other. It is also very beneficial for SEO purposes like you can share your content there and get traffic on your blog or website.

  2. instagram is an important app that changed our life we can add our bio on this..and we can upload our data..and we can follow people whom we know..and it provide privacy that no other person can follow you whom you don’t allow…

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