A Cross Browser Testing Cloud Solution – Lambda Test Review


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LambdaTest Review

Back in a simple world where web developers would sit for hours on end testing their creations on computers with different specs and different browsers, time wasn’t really of the essence.

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But with the speed of development, we are seeing today from companies, the testing phase is really what sets a developer back.


We’re not saying that testing isn’t important. It’s one of the most important step of development. Without it you’re risking sending out a half-baked product. And believe us when we say this. No one likes half-baked products.

So what can you do, to speed up this period of testing where you have no choice but to test out every single permutation and combination of Operating System, Browser, Browser version and resolution possible?

Well, the answer has been amidst us for quite some while and we have been using this solution effectively in the past.

The answer, dear friend, is outsourcing.

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Before you start rambling about some remote area in a third world where they have no clue of what they’re doing. We’re going to stop you right there and ask you to look around.

We’re in 2019. Outsourcing these days, doesn’t mean getting cheap labour in a third world country. We take our computers and make them do all the work. Cloud Computing and Cloud Testing. Heard of these terms? It essentially means taking your web application and sending it to a service where they have dozens of computer systems to test out your application automatically.

And we’re reviewing one such service here today.

An online cross browser testing service that allows you to run your application on machines of different configurations in a limited period of time while you sit and view the results in real time.  Let’s go ahead and take a deeper look at the feature set of this service.


Cross Browser Compatibility Tester.  

A lot to say, isn’t it? Fortunately the work it will do isn’t that difficult. What LambdaTest aims to try and do is solely take your web app and check it across totally different environments and configurations of operating Systems, Browsers and Browser Versions.

You can also maximize efficiency and check your web application on mobile browsers with totally different resolutions or screen sizes.

The remote browsers additionally come back equipped with a bunch of development tools making sure that you’ll be able to build changes to your code on the fly, while not having to really have the IDE on your pc.

No limitations on the configuration you can run

Last we checked there have been around 2000+ configurations you may run tests on with the assistance of LambdaTest. And this is not solely on Windows and Mac, that have many browsers and browser builds included. But additionally the mobile versions of browser on common brands like Apple, Google, OnePlus HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo, Vivo and more..

More Features

  • With LambdaTest the way to set about testing is via running your app across totally different browser configurations. and also the method you track your results is via machine-driven screen captures and screen recordings that are sent to you in real time.
  • A Geo-Location Testing feature helps you see how your web app performs on browsers in several parts of the planet. helping you better optimise your app for your users.
  • Another good feature is the Issue tracking system that’s enclosed within the service. With this service you’ll see user logged problems on the fly and sort and filter then in whichever method you would like.

With various plans available, the cheapest being $15, this service has a lot to offer while also being easy on the pocket.

There is also a free trial available on their website: www.lambdatest.com.

Make sure you take the trial before actually paying so that you know what you’re getting into.

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  1. Hi Mr. Rafi,

    I would like to say thank you so much for putting your time, to explain what is lambda-test and the features. Because being a developer my most of the time is spend in cross-browser testing.

    Nayan Jain

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