7 Steps to Increasing Your Lead Generation Site’s Conversion Rate


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Lead Generation

Is your lead generation site not converting? While the process of designing a lead generation website is simple, there are a lot of factors that have an impact on its performance. To help you make sense of how the conversion rate optimization process works for lead generation websites, here’s a handy seven step process you can follow.

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Step 1: Start with the Headline

The headline of your website has the biggest impact on conversion rates. It should get the attention of the visitor and move them into the rest of your website copy. If the headline doesn’t resonate with the visitors, they’ll end up abandoning the website and look elsewhere for the information they’re looking for.

That’s why testing headlines is the first thing you should start out with. Instead of trying variations of the same headline, use different headline angles to see which approach produces the best results and go from there.

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Step 2: Try Different Layouts

It can be hard choosing a layout for your lead generation website due to the large number of options. You can test short form sales pages, long form sales pages, two column split evenly, two column split 70/30, top of the fold opt in box, or a video page just to list a few things.

It’s a good idea to start with the standard short form one column layout to measure your results. If it works, keep going with it but don’t stop yourself from testing other layout arrangements as you never know if something else might perform better.

Step 3: Test Different Opening Paragraphs

The first few sentences or the first paragraph of your sales page also helps visitors move into the rest of your copy. It has to generate interest, get to the point quickly, provide clarity and engage the visitor’s interest.

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If you feel like your headline is on the mark but the performance of your lead generation page is not hitting the marks you were hoping for, you may need a few changes to the opening paragraph and the body copy. Again, try different angles in how you open your landing page copy to see if you can come up with an out of the box winner.

Step 4: Add Relevant Imagery

Using relevant imagery can draw attention and make your copy visually pop. In blog posts, it was found that adding visual elements and graphics resulted in 94% more views. The same idea can be applied to lead generation sites.

Adding the right images can remind visitors that the topic of your website is relevant to their needs, wants, problems and interests. You may even want to try going with a visually driven page (visual cues, iconography, brand elements, custom typography) as it is more eye catching and attractive to visitors.

Step 5: Add Credibility Elements

There are many credibility elements that can boost the conversion rate on your lead generation site. A common one you can use is a testimonial. Pictures of customers providing positive feedback about your email list or business can really boost the performance of your site.

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Another effective way to increase conversion is to use credibility seals. The BBB, BuySafe and Hacker Safe seals give visitors extra reassurance. You can also use the seals of media outlets (magazines, TV programs, blogs, etc.) you’ve been featured on to leverage their brand.

Step 6: Improve Your Call to Actions

An easy way to add another lift to your conversion rate is to test different call to actions. Start out by using web buttons with different designs and colors. Then try different phrases like “Claim My Free Report” or “Get the best Monthly Tips” to see which ones yield better results.

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Another thing that may boost results is to let people contact you by adding a phone number to your page. It’s a simple but often overlooked way to generate leads from people that want to use the phone.

Step 7: Test Methodically

If you want results fast, you want to set up multiple elements and use multivariate testing to figure out which elements work best together. It’s a far more efficient approach than using A/B testing for each element. You may also want to use a platform like Kafka to provide real time analytics/conversion data to your in-house team.

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It will serve as an efficient solution if you’re working with multiple sites/pages and have a full-time work on conversion rate optimization.

By following these seven steps, you should be on your way to improving your lead generation site’s performance in no time. Make sure you test the most impactful elements like the headline or layout if you’re new to the testing process. It will yield the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.7

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