By 2027, it’s expected that freelancers will account for most of the workforce in America. With an ever-growing number of individuals choosing to freelance part- or full-time, why haven’t you jumped on the bandwagon yet?

It turns out, freelancing offers a plethora of benefits that your average job won’t provide. These unique advantages include the following:

You can set your own hours.


In a perfect world, we’d all get to set our own work hours. But with how businesses and other facilities are run, a set schedule makes plenty more sense.

But with freelancing, things are different. If you want to start work at 10 a.m., you can. Then maybe the next day, you’ll choose to start after lunch or, heck, even at midnight. That said, you’re not only able to choose which hours you work, but you’re free to switch up those hours as much as you wish.

You’re even able to choose your own vacation days.


Don’t want to work Wednesdays at all? You don’t have to! Or, are you looking at taking a week-long vacation, so you can take a trip to the Bahamas with your family? That works too when you’re a freelancer.

Your workload is flexible.


Not everyone is capable of taking on the same workload. And depending on what’s going on in your life at the time, you might find it important to decrease or even increase your workload. If you’re too busy, you can take on less work. However, if money is tight, most clients are willing to throw a little extra work at you if you ask.

Finding new clients is easier than finding a new employer.


It takes an average of a little over a month to find a new company to work for as an employee. Finding your very first client as a freelancer may take a bit of time as well. However, once you have had your first few clients, finding new ones becomes quicker. It may take a week or less in some cases!

Whether it be thanks to online reviews from your clients or recommendations from your clients via word-of-mouth, those first few clients you work with can set a solid foundation for your freelancing business.

You can work from literally anywhere.


Do you travel a lot? Are you restricted to a certain environment most of the time? Do you lack a vehicle? Do you move houses a lot? If so, freelancing might be perfect for you!

Whether you’re out and about all the time or stay mostly in one place, freelancing allows you to work just about anywhere you could imagine. You can choose to work in a coffee shop, in bed at home, in a foreign country while on a trip, or even in the middle of a local park.

There are endless fields you can freelance in.


The possibilities are limitless! Whether you enjoy photography, consider yourself to be an avid writer, or are a brainiac when it comes to computer coding, you can freelance in pretty much any field possible.

Freelancing is stay-at-home parent-friendly.


Overall, the flexibility of freelancing is suitable for those who wish to be stay-at-home parents. The fact that you can work from home and choose to work while the kiddos are asleep gives you time to take on mom or dad duty while still bringing in income.

Are you interested in freelancing? Check out this list of online job ideas to see what type of freelancing gig or business might be best for you to start soon.


It’s no surprise that many people are afraid to start freelancing. They perceive it to be risky, especially since hours aren’t set, and profit may wax and wane. In reality, there are many benefits freelancing has to offer that you won’t get from your usual 9 to 5 job. From getting to pick your days off to having flexibility over your workload, freelancing is like no other!