At first thought, you would not think that woodworking and Instagram would go well together. This is because woodworking is in a totally different industry, people would never equate it with something as popular and modern as Instagram. But in truth, Instagram offers a great deal to woodworking businesses. 

Instagram is an image-centric social media tool. It is used by a myriad of individuals and businesses to promote their brands. This is why it makes sense for woodworking businesses to use Instagram to market their products. Here are 10 Instagram marketing strategies for woodworking businesses. 

Identify your target market


Before you set out and post content through Instagram, you should know your target market. This is because a multitude of people use Instagram. And as a woodworking company, you are catering to a very specific demographic. Not everyone will be interested in what you are selling and not everyone will follow your Instagram posts. So it is imperative that you identify your target market, and focus all your marketing on them. That way you won’t have to waste valuable time and resources on unresponsive markets, and you can double down on the susceptible ones. 

Post Instagram worthy photos of your products


As it was stated earlier, Instagram is a very image-centric social media tool. And if you want to make an impact with viewers and increase your number of followers, you should make sure that the images you post are up to scratch. Your products could be beds, sofas, drawers, or any type of woodworking. What matters is that your work is properly presented on Instagram. 

Remember that a majority of people who use Instagram are very particular about the quality of photos being posted. And if you post sub-par photos you are doing more harm than good. 

So if you are going to post images of your products, make sure that they are well-executed and have an artistic look to them. Take the time to study and use various filters. If you have the budget, it would be a good idea to invest in a professional photographer. It can really make a difference in your images and garner you a good number of followers.  

Create how-to videos


In the past few years, how-to videos have been gaining a great deal of traction and a host of Instagram personalities have been using them to enhance their popularity. So if you want to make an impact with your potential clientele, it always pays to release how-to videos. Seeing as woodworking is a very technical art form and requires a myriad of steps, how-to videos are a very effective medium to use.

The best thing about how-to videos is the fact that you can really reach out to your target demographic and get in deep with technical aspects of woodworking. The best thing about posting how-to videos is that they are relatively cheap or even free to create. You don’t need a filming crew or a big production budget. All you need is a good quality camcorder or even a phone with great video quality, and you can create a quality how-to video of your very own.

Be consistent in your postings


If you know anything about social media marketing, you would know that consistency is key. This is because social media marketing is very competitive. And if you are inconsistent with your postings, your chances of building a following may get derailed. Take the time to analyze your content’s number of views and likes. Check what time is best to post content and upload your posts according to this schedule. By consistently posting on Instagram, you will be able to make a solid following for your company.

Collaborate with fellow woodworkers and hardware stores


Aside from releasing great content and images through Instagram, it is also a good idea to collaborate with fellow woodworkers and hardware stores. Reach out to established woodworkers and have guest postings through their Instagram accounts. If you get a good product review from them, you can post it through Instagram and enhance your company’s reputation. 

You can also reach out to hardware stores and post their products through your account. You can post advertisements for wholesale drawer slides or sales on screws or nails through your account. This way anyone who is looking for hardware will be automatically associate you with an established hardware retailer.

Highlight your brand


Remember that there is a myriad of other companies that are posting their content through Instagram. If you want your posts to stand out, it is important that you highlight your branding. Firmly establish what your brand is about. Is it a luxury furniture company that caters to high-class hotels or bars? Or is it a bohemian style furniture line that espouses a minimalist mindset? Do you create rattan and basketweave furniture? Or is your furniture for a more traditional and corporate setting? 

Your branding can be practically anything, what’s important is that you identify your brand as soon as possible. It will help you reach your target demographic and establish an Instagram following for your company. 


Instagram is by far the best social media tool for sharing images and reaching out to potential clients. It has become a part of everyday life, and a majority of people and businesses all over the world use Instagram one way or another. You would do yourself a disservice if you don’t use it to create a following for your company. So use Instagram to the best of your ability and carve out a niche for your business.