Marketers are an interesting bunch. They are involved in the promotion of all kinds of products and have pretty much seen every possible item. So when it comes to shopping for such a person, you have to be creative and think outside of the box if possible. Remember, you are not trying to impress that marketer you are seeking gifts for. If anything, you are trying to find gifts that will either enhance their existing skills or provide them with something to just admire. So forget about the gift card and take a look at what we have found for you. You’ll not only give the marketer in your life a great gift, but you’ll also give a gift that has meaning and will last a long time.

 Here is our list of the six awesome gift ideas for marketers.

 1 – Smartphone

 A smartphone? Doesn’t everyone have one of those? Oddly enough, not everyone. What makes this an awesome gift idea is that the new generation of smartphones (translation: ones that are newer than flip phones) have built-in cameras that not only shoot decent photos but you can also capture some impressive video. Regardless of the operating system (iOS or Android), you will be able to find various apps in the respective app store that will allow you to do some amazing editing and production tricks. Oh, and a smartphone is also an effective tool for phoning clients as well.

 2 – Star Map

 A custom star map from Twinkle In Time is an 18” x 24” printed map of the stars and constellations. But it is not a random view of the night sky. What makes this such an incredible gift is that the map will be based on the view of the sky as it was on a specific date and location. For example, a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion can be recorded with a Star Map from that date and where it took place. Each Twinkle In Time Star Map is printed using the best publishing technology available. It is also printed on high-quality paper to ensure it will look new forever. 

 3 – Book On Book

 Smart marketers use free time, lunchtime or commuting time reading about their specific industry. Or, possibly a murder mystery depending on how that last campaign fared. Either way, it isn’t always easy to juggle your reading material and food or your laptop. A new invention by a Japanese design company is your answer. Called the Book On Book, this transparent, plastic book sits on top of the real book you are reading. It allows you to keep reading – hands-free. That means you can eat your messy meal, jot down notes or whatever and not get your book dirty.

 4 – Kool8 Water Bottle

 This is not your ordinary water bottle. Not only does it look good, with each purchase of one something good happens. The company that makes them has committed to putting 20% of the profit to delivering clean water to places in the world that do not have it. The Kool8 Water Bottle is double-walled which keeps beverages cold or hot for hours. The stainless steel construction is durable and for extra measure, there is a tea infuser included. It is not only a great gift but a gift that keeps on giving. Eliminate the use of plastic bottles with this great gift idea.

 5 – Webcam

 If the marketer on your gift-giving list is a serious YouTuber or shoots a lot of his or her promotional videos, you can’t go wrong with a handy little webcam that sits on the top of your computer screen waiting for you to start shooting. There is a universal clip so the webcam should fit any style or model of computer screen. You can also mount your webcam on a tripod for a professional recording. They also come in handy if you just want to keep in touch with that person you just don’t get to see as much as you used to. Webcams can bridge the distance.

 6 – Salt Lamp

 There is something very special about Himalayan Salt Lamps. Not only do they look unique and cast a subdued shade of light into a room, but they are also healthy for you. Salt lamps are filters of sorts as they capture the germs and dust particles that are trapped in the moisture of the air we breathe. Then they release clean air through the process of evaporation. The diffused light is calming and can be a welcome way to relax after a trying day of dealing with a crazy client or two. There are several other health benefits associated with salt lamps which make them a great gift. 

BONUS GIFT IDEA – Books On Marketing

Sure, your friend the marketer probably has a lot of reference material but nothing says you can’t add to that library with something new. You can search Amazon for titles as there always seems to be something new coming out almost daily. Plus, Amazon offers you the choice of an eBook or paperback version of many of the current titles online. There’s sure to be something that your marketing friend hasn’t seen yet or requires in his or her collection to keep current on trends. Or at least something interesting to read to keep their creative minds thinking and planning.

In Conclusion

And you thought it was going to be difficult to find the right gift for that marketer on your shopping list. You could stick with taking that person out for lunch, giving them a gift card to the local doughnut/coffee shop, filling a card with random lottery tickets or any of the other standard gift ideas used when you can’t quite come up with that one idea that will be suitable. Plus, our gift ideas noted above are not extravagant meaning you can give a great gift that will leave a good impression without having to spend a lot more money on it than you first intended to do.