Successful people think differently not because they’re successful — they’re successful because they think differently. It’s the way they think, not DNA or luck, that drives their actions that lead to success. By challenging your old belief systems and embracing a few counterintuitive ideas, you can learn to think the way high-achievers do. How can you apply a mindset of success? Here are 5 ways successful people think differently.

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Think Differently

1. They Focus on Serving Others

A path of success requires self-awareness and self-empowerment. However, those qualities are different from selfishness. According to success coach Brian Tracy, serving others can get you further ahead than focusing on “what’s in it for me?” Making an impact on people’s lives expands your network of people who appreciate you. You don’t have to drop everything and focus everything on other people. But you can make it a habit to share your network with others, motivate the people around you and provide helpful feedback. Successful people know that positive outreach and helping others succeed leads to payoffs greater than your initial investment.

2. They Know the Power of Networking

No matter how much passion or ambition you have, nobody does anything truly great on their own. Successful people understand the importance of network building. With globalization widening the economic landscape, networks can take you further than ever before. China expert and best-selling author of “The Seventh Sense,” Joshua Cooper Ramo, raises awareness of his expertise by speaking at conferences and other networking engagements around the world. In his book, he argues that success comes from an understanding that everything is interconnected.

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3. They Realize They Don’t Know Everything

Successful entrepreneur and investor Tai Lopez promotes the idea of reading a book a day, and emphasizes that learning is the most important key to success. While self-confidence is crucial, humility is also required. The most successful people know they don’t know everything, which is why they educate themselves more than other people. They’re open to learning from others so that they can continually grow.

4. They See Mistakes as Lessons

Successful people don’t see obstacles as setbacks, but as opportunities for growth. Turning your failures into lessons is key to succeeding in the future. Successful individuals are well-experienced because all their “mistakes” have enlightened them and never made them give up. To ensure your mistakes don’t happen again, ask yourself what you could do better next time. Note the positives you can glean from the experience and move on.

5. They’re Optimists

You may think that pessimists take more control of their life, while optimists just expect everything to work out. However, successful people need to be optimistic in order to see beyond limitations and believe that they can solve any problem that arises. This mindset of “anything’s possible” challenges negative beliefs that hold you back from seizing opportunities and staying in the game when the going gets rough.

Bottom Line

Your mindset is the common denominator behind everything you do in life. By changing your mental habits, you can change your outcomes. Take interest in assisting others on your path and never underestimate the value of growing your network. Tirelessly learn from other people and from your own mistakes. Most importantly, have a positive outlook on your abilities and potential in order to challenge mental roadblocks to success.