5 Tips to Increase Upvotes Rapidly


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Reddit is one of the most popular social media websites online. It’s a little different than other social media sites in that it also acts as a public forum where the most popular conversations are given higher visibility through a voting system. Because it doesn’t exactly work like the other social media sites, it tends to be underutilized or misunderstood by many businesses.

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The key to making Reddit work for your business is to first build credibility by creating popular posts and comments that get upvoted on the site. This gives you a karma rating, which is a reflection of how much value you add to other Reddit users. The other part of it is getting upvotes from your post so that it gets bumped up higher and increases its visibility. The question then becomes how do you get the upvotes you need to create a successful post?

Here are some tips that can help:

1. Come Up with Attractive Titles

The title of your post determines whether or not somebody even reads it, so it’s important that you really think about a title that grabs attention and gets the click. One thing you want to avoid is clickbait titles because they are generally frowned upon by the community. There are many ways to create attractive titles. You can ask for opinions, add wit/humor, arouse curiosity, state an intriguing fact, or introduce an interesting story.

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2. Focus on Quality Posts People are Already Participating In


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Simply go to the subreddit you fall under and get a sense of what kind of posts people are already responding to. You can also get ideas by visiting forums in your niche and looking for popular topics. In addition to posting about popular topics, you also want to make sure that you create a quality post. Offer some kind of value in the form of entertainment, education, or engagement. Do not try to or post a thinly veiled promotion or topics that are in conflict with the subreddit’s guidelines.

3. Considering Paying for Upvotes

It might be a good idea to buy upvotes for Reddit. There are reliable services that can help give your posts the extra push it needs to take off. Reliable service providers use aged accounts and add to the conversation as opposed to spamming your post with upvotes and random comments. This allows posts and upvotes to look natural and attracts other users to participate in your post. The reason why is because users are drawn to posts that are active.

4. Be Active in the Discussions

You want to lead the way by replying to other users with thoughtful replies. Try to engage them and invite others to participate in your post. This can help a post get going, especially since the original poster’s name is highlighted in the comments section.

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When interacting with others, try to be respectful to their opinions and stick to the main points. You don’t want to be seen in a negative light by others in the community by attacking negative users or aggressively arguing with users who don’t agree with you.

5. Use Photos and Videos to Support Your Post

Like other social media sites, visual content often gets more attention and engagement than text only content on Reddit. That’s why you want to support your posts with visual content. Adding short video clips, animated GIFs, interesting images, and slideshows can really draw people into your post. You can clearly see that posts with memes and animated GIFs on Reddit tend to be more popular than regular posts.

These are just some of the things you can do to increase your upvotes on Reddit. Your success will rely on these upvotes, so the main focus should be to attract them in your posts. By implementing any or all five of these tips, you’ll start to experience greater success with your Reddit posts.

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