5 Insanely Addictive Web Design Strategies to generate leads in 2017


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In a competitor based environment it is critical for a business to outshine your competition, but by using excellent web design, you can win over your customer.

A unique website design not only speak volumes, but it also persuades your customer to take action and to speak a good word for you in the market.

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An efficient team would automatically design personalized concepts for literally every project. Whether your company is a communication platform, sales-focused website, or a site which sell some high-quality goods. A good website is a necessary tool of survival in this technological era.

Web Design Strategies to generate leads

1: Responsive Web Design Strategy

A bundle of thanks to the increasing number of mobile devices that provided the opportunity to create highly responsive web designs. Now all the marketers need to consider responsive design a necessary part of the strategic planning. For a content developer it may not seem a big deal, but in reality, content marketing plays a vital role in adding a strong touch to your responsive website.

There has been an exponential rise in usage of the mobile device in a couple of years. In fact, a couple of mobile app development services is making quite a spark in industry standards. You are confronted with a variety of screen resolutions to play with. As the display size is constantly changing you need to optimise your website for various devices. Your site should be designed in such a manner that it operates on different screen sizes.

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Web Design

2: No Stock Photos, please!!

People are no longer interested in beautiful shots. They are looking forward to some realistic photos that they can relate to. Use individual images or images that spark some emotional into your customer. Using dry stock photos is out of the question. People are now looking for story & personalities.

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3: Usability wins every time

The best to engage your user is to develop a site that speaks for itself. If the user thinks what to do next on your website, it is better to fire your web developer & hire a professional web design service in NY. The most basic yet effective element of a great website design a site where the user can find information in a very straightforward manner. If users cannot locate the information, they are looking for you seriously need to think of an alternative web design strategy.

Make it a seamless, frictionless experience for your user. Put the necessary elements in front, and eliminate the factors that are not helping your customers. The navigation should be self-explanatory:

· Your navigation should be simple
· Keep navigation controls on the footer of page
· Use breadcrumbs on every page which directly link back to your homepage.
· Minimize the provision for additional elements on the page.
· You should mention where does every link will direct the customer.
· Prepare your page by keeping your target audience in mind.
· Optimize your website for SEO but keep your content for the user.
· Use the customer service chat app that remains in front so customers can contact you anytime they find something difficult.

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4: Pay attention to content

No matter how good your web design is if you have a compelling content on the website you are doomed big time. Writing for blogs is pretty different from writing content for the site. In blogs, you deliver your expertise regarding some subject, while content on the web should be solely for your visitor. Make is interesting, and fun, and informative. Design content that excites your customer to buy from you.

5: What about the convention?

What good is the content if the customer is not buying from you. Conversions are your bread and butter, and if visitors are not turning into customers, there is some serious work you need to do. Check the client response on every page. Do experiments with your cart and notice how if effects your conversion. Conversion help you built the trust of your customer. Customers label your website as reliable and often spread a good word of mouth for you. Analyze the elements on your site which are making an impact on the buying decision of your user. Moreover, make an effort to correct what is not going right.

There is some quite common between web design & fashion design. Best is not to follow the crowd and make your trend. Let others follow your pattern. Design sites that matter.

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