4 Reasons Why Your Retail Store Will Benefit From Madix Shelving


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Unless a person is educated in the shelving products available for retail stores, they may not be aware of the many brands and options currently on the market. Shelves are available in both modular and fixed shelving styles. The following covers retail shelf products by Madix, highlighting the functions, features, and benefits.

Madix Shelving is Size Adaptable

This type of shelving is so adaptable that business owners use them in both the front of the store and in back rooms. Business owners use these shelves to showcase general merchandise as well as packaged garments. Learn more about this type of shelving by visiting madix shelving for sale.

Color options available for these units are blue-gray and Sahara. They are produced from high-density particleboard. Retailers love these shelves because the colors look fantastic, and the shelving units are strong. Retailers can use these shelves for auto parts, display shoes for sale, sell candy at checkouts, and much more.

Madix shelves fit into the gondola category of retail shelves. Gondola shelves are highly sought after because they are easy to put together, simple to move, and can be reconfigured as needed to fit the retail space. They are floor-mounted systems with shelves on one or both sides.

Multiple Designs are Available

A huge benefit of this type of shelving is that it can be ordered in multiple designs. Depending on the intended use of the shelves, retailers order them in either open or closed-back designs. All of the structural components lock together, and these shelves are modular.

Some are available on wheels, some have sliding panels, and others have spring cushions for stability. For retailers selling heavy items, such as tools, there are ultra heavy-duty shelving units available from this brand. Retailers can also order Madix specialty shelving, including concave shelves, radius shelving, and half-radius concave shelving options. Pharmacies may also want to order the rolling Rx unit to cut down on workflow processing time.

Maxi-Grid for Maximum Displays

Those wanting amazing displays to showcase products should check out the Madix Maxi-Grid line of shelves. The benefit of the Maxi-Grid line is that it offers the ultimate configurability experience. It takes just a few minutes to completely reset the design of Maxi-Grid shelves, making them look like entirely different shelving units.

Madix Maxi-Grid shelves offer two options that retailers typically will not find with other brands. These options are Slatwall and Grid Back. These two optional designs offer added versatility to these already completely customizable shelving units. They look great in the front of the store and add organization to backrooms.

Accessories are an Option

Not every manufacturer of shelves offers accessories for the shelves. Madix shelves have an assortment of accessories for retailers, businesses, and pharmacies to choose from. A few of the accessories available for this brand of shelving include:

  • Shelf dividers
  • Tool displays
  • Slatwall accessories
  • Display baskets
  • Grid panels
  • Specialized candy shelves
  • Bin adapters
  • Small, medium, and large bins

Shelves from Madix are a smart buy for retailers or anyone that needs shelving units. Many add-on accessories and specialized product holders make this brand easy to personalize for a store’s needs. They are customizable, high quality, and available in multiple designs, making them the perfect shelving solution for retail stores and businesses.


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