10 Things to Improve your Call Center Script


Things to Improve your Call Center Script

A company without customer service drives away customers. There is a study in which a certain number of disappointed customers were asked for feedback. 58% said that after a negative customer experience, they would never use that company again. For most companies, this fact is very alarming. Therefore, having a call center to provide customer support is a must!

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Operating a call center is not an easy job. It entails hiring some qualified agents and training them according to company’s standard. Sometimes, the problem lies not on who will provide the support. Most of the time, the problem is the call center script itself. Even the best agent will appear to be the worst in the eyes of customers when the script is worse.

Poor script causes agents to burn out and to eventually quit. This is the reason why the attrition rate in many call center companies is high. According to Larry Hunter, professor of management at University of Wisconsin-Madison, “More scripting is associated with lower job satisfaction, greater burnout and a higher intention to quit the job.”

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For this reason, call center companies should always improve their script. Good scripts will not only retain good agents but also good customers. Nonetheless, here are 10 things to improve your call center script:

Call Center Script

  1. Invest in Customer Service Technology

Investing in customer service technology will help your agent to work efficiently. There are some software platforms in which you can create a script which can easily be accessed and used by agents. Memorizing all scripts for all cases won’t help.

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Some platforms offer a good user interface which can instantly show the script that agents may say to customers while working on service tickets. In this way, agents will less likely get confused on what they should say in a particular case.

Call Center Script

  1. Avoid Long Script

Customers easily get irritated when they notice that the customer service agent they are talking to is not actually talking to them but is only performing a monologue.

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This becomes obvious when an agent is saying a structured script. Actually, there is no need for a long script. Customers want a straightforward answer so the agent’s reply must be concise. A long script is only good when a customer asks for something that needs a detailed reply.

Call Center Script

  1. Use the Script Naturally

When you write a call center script, make sure that its sounds naturally. Don’t sound like a robot. This will lead your customer service to disaster. As much as possible, make the script more casual and conversational.

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Being polite is different from being too formal. You can be polite while being casual. In other words, write a script with a human touch. This will make agents sound helpful because customers are comfortable with agents who seem to understand them.

Call Center Script

  1. Create Script Options

If you are a customer who keeps on calling a company because of a recurring problem, you would surely notice that every time you talk to an agent you hear some familiar lines, which may or may not irritate you.

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This happens when agents are trained to use only one specific answer script for a particular case. To avoid this, create script options that agents can choose so they can change the answer from time to time.

Call Center Script

  1. Test Each Script

When writing a call center script, there is a tendency that the creator is like writing a novel with predetermined conversation. The problem with it is that you write a reply to a customer’s reaction.

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What if the customer did not react the same way according to your script? This causes agents to panic and forget what to say best. Before a script is used, you should tests it with different types of people and find out whether or not they have a common answer.

Call Center Script

  1. Review Previous Conversation

If all your customers call are recorded, you can easily review past conversations in order to spot some mistakes that need to be corrected. You can also study which replies are effective so you can develop it as important part of a script.

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You can also review how one agent delivers the same script more effectively than another agent in order to find out whether the problem is with the script or with the agent.

Call Center Script

  1. Survey the Agents

It is very common for almost all call centers to survey customers after a call. This is to determine how the company should improve its service. However, most of these call centers neglect agents’ feedback in which knowing the opinions of agents is also important.

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Although you don’t have to believe all that they may tell you but you can learn a lot from their actual experience unless you yourself do the same job.

Call Center Script

  1. Learn from Competitors

Your competitors may be offering a better script than yours. You should know it so you can use the same or create an improved version. You don’t need to get their script. You can simply call them and act as a curious customer so can observe how their agents serve you.

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If you think your script is superior over theirs, then make your script so natural that your competitor may not notice your competitive script.

Call Center Script

  1. Rehearse the Script

Your call center script is no different from the script that is rehearsed in a film shooting. Your agents are should also work like actors and actresses who can deliver the script naturally.

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You or your manager should act like the director of a film. Scripts fail not only because of poor content. There are times that scripts fail because they are not rehearsed well. Make sure your agents are able to give life to the script.

Call Center Script

  1. Conduct a Script Writing Contest

You can conduct a script writing contest among your agents. You can pick the best script and test how it works as you should do it periodically.

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In this way, your agents are involved in working to improve the script that they themselves say. Besides, your agents know your products and your customers.


Customer service is very important for every company. It keeps loyal customers and retains business. If you are an entrepreneur who is considering having a call center to serve your customers, begin by developing better scripts in order to ensure better customer service.

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